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6 Reasons You Need To Use BodyBio PC In Your Practice 

6 Reasons You Need To Use 

BodyBio PC In Your Practice 

By Pooja Mahtani - Medical Writer


Last updated on October 08, 2023

BodyBio PC has been trusted for over 30 years by functional and integrative doctors. Our unique formulation isolates PC, PE, PI, PS and PA for a full spectrum liposomal complex that crosses the blood brain barrier for true cell and organelle support. 

1. Cell Membrane Integrity:

BodyBio PC (Phosphatidylcholine) is essential for maintaining the health and structure of cellular membranes. A healthy cell membrane is crucial for nutrient transport, waste removal, and overall cell communication. By ensuring the integrity of the cellular membrane, BodyBio PC supports the foundational building blocks of every cell in the body.

2. Cognitive Health Support:

Phosphatidylcholine is an integral component of brain cell membranes. Regular intake of BodyBio PC can help support brain health, cognitive function, and memory. For functional medicine practitioners, this can be an essential tool in managing and optimizing brain health protocols.

3. Liver Support: 

The liver plays a critical role in detoxification, nutrient storage, and digestion. BodyBio PC supports liver cell membrane health and can help in liver detoxification processes. Given the increasing number of environmental toxins and the importance of liver function, this becomes a vital supplement in functional medicine protocols.

4. Mitochondrial Strengthening:

Phosphatidylcholine plays a pivotal role in maintaining mitochondrial health through its impact on membrane structure, respiratory chain function, antioxidant protection, and cell signalling. Mitochondria possess double membranes, and PC contributes to the structural integrity and fluidity of these membranes, crucial for efficient mitochondrial function. The inner mitochondrial membrane houses the electron transport chain (ETC), where ATP production occurs, and PC's support helps optimize ETC performance. PC's antioxidant properties further safeguard mitochondria by mitigating oxidative stress-induced damage, which can impair mitochondrial function. Additionally, PC participates in cell signalling processes, facilitating the coordination of mitochondrial activities with overall cellular requirements, encompassing energy production and stress response. This multifaceted role of PC underscores its significance in supporting mitochondrial health and overall cellular function.

5. Versatility in Protocols:

BodyBio PC is versatile and can easily be integrated into various functional medicine protocols. Whether it's for supporting overall cellular health, brain function, liver health, or gut integrity, PC offers multi-system benefits that can complement a range of therapeutic approaches without an array of drug or herbal interactions.

6. Truly Liposomal:

Through our proprietary extraction technology, BodyBio PC has a structure virtually identical to that of the cell membrane. When a PC liposome approaches the membrane, it is readily assimilated into the cell membrane, helping to repair cellular health.

"I have used BodyBio products in my practice for over 10 years now and with thousands of patients. Without BodyBio's products I would not have the ability to recover patients from complex, chronic illness, period. I have first-hand experience witnessing children with apraxia begin to speak again using BodyBio's PC and Balance Oil. I have had other children recover from seizure disorders. I have had adults stop their tremors, recover from brain fog, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, arthritis, IBS and more. BodyBio's products are essential for anyone that is seriously trying to make a difference in a patient's journey back to wellness and equally important for those trying to maintain their health. I would recommend them to all practitioners and patients alike."

- Dr. Kristine Gedroic, MD 

  Gedroic Medical Institute

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